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Consumer Sciences

You are dedicated to being food conscious and desire to be informed about the products you buy. Taste, value, and nutrition are at the top of your list.

Potential Job Fields Include:  Nutritionist,  Personal Trainer, Household Grocery Specialist, Domestic Engineer


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Culinary Arts

You desire the title of Whole Hog connoisseur and are a master at taking ordinary ingredients and making them extraordinary.

Potential Job Fields Include:  Chef, Food Service Personnel, Food Preparation Specialist


I'm a bacon lover through and through but I prefer to know what I'm putting in my body and feeding my family.  Pederson's sustainability efforts go hand in hand with my nutrition efforts.  And because of WHU I know exactly how!

Rachel Decker Bachelors of Bacon

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Meat Market Management

You are the master of the meat case.  Your goal is to obtain a thorough knowledge of every product in the cooler.  You want the whole enchilada on the Whole Hog.

Potential Job Fields Include:  Meat Market Manager, Retail Buyer, Meat Processor


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Sales, Marketing & Distribution

You turn the wheels of the sustenance machine.  You need an in depth awareness of how a company is going to help you sell product.  

Potential job fields include:  Wholesale Customer, Customer Support Liaison, Food Distribution


Whole Hog University provides courses that are grounded in the basics and cover all the trending topics that customers ask me on a daily basis. I am happy to have WHU as a resource to learn everything relevant about Pederson's Natural Farms and their sustainability initiatives.

Nicole Davenport, Chef Freida's Sweets & Meats

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